Your Wedding Music is OUR Concern.

The choir is well known for singing at weddings around Lebanon.  A Renewal choir providing high quality music, which is often the missing ingredient at many wedding services.  A beautiful church and delightful setting but empty choir stalls leaves a space which we can fill with sound and sight. As part of the service we provide we will meet you and visit the venue for your wedding to assess the best options available.  We will also discuss your music choices hymns, and offer help in arranging any musical aspect with which you may be worried or simply needing further advice. To help you decide what music you would like for your service, the choir has produced a recording and slide show.  The music on it is only a small selection of what is available.  It includes well-known traditional hymns, anthems and arranged music and some lesser known ones.

William Mansour

By adoramos choir

Hello world! Adoramos Choir is Born

Our aim, in Adoramos Choir is to provide a means of learning the notes to choral music in a manner that is easy to grasp and enjoyable to learn.

A massive amount of time at rehearsal can be consumed just by learning the notes, however, by continual listening to the notes, learning them in advance and identifying them with the score, you can prepare yourself or your choir to sing a part competently from the very start; choir training time can effectively be better utilised for working on dynamics and presentation.

By using our recordings, Choral Directors can organise their choir members to concentrate on specific music for singing at rehearsal.

The orchestral or accompaniment parts on our recordings are quietened slightly with the vocal part highlighted on the piano. The other parts especially on fugal choruses can be heard on other instruments as required. By understanding the parts that you don’t sing, your part and entries can be more clearly understood. We also provide an accompaniment version with little or no help, so that you can become even more confident for singing your part.

We suggest listening to a track or tracks, with the highlighted part several times without any attempt to sing with them; then try singing with the track without the words. Get the notes right first – then once you have the notes right, add the words. As you get more confident sing with the accompaniment version that has no highlighted part. (Where possible we put the “help” and “no help” versions on one CD. Where this cannot be done we give the purchaser the option to purchase separately or in our double CD packs The Choruses of Handel’s Messiah are an example of this). NB. There is a distinction between downloads, and CD’s.

By adoramos choir